Committed to Excellence


This is Varsha. My struggle started with my phobia from blood which, has made me forgo my dreams and change the life path. Why? Cause I faint even with a little blood spilled. Nothing helped, then ‘Hypnotherapy’ came to my rescue And that has got me hooked.

Yet my story does not end here, its just the beginning.

Relationship struggles, has made me resolved to provide a very good Premarital and post marital counselling service, so that others can get it right the first time if you are single about to take a plunge or you are dating just want to know the compatibility with your partner, or you are single and like to attract the best suited one you are at a right place. For those, who have taken the plunge already, should know that, anything can be resolved and healed, with two people's honest efforts. 

However, there is no excuse for critical situations and here, I do support ‘Divorce’ since, you are the ‘ONE’ most important. So for that very trying and hurtful times we have Divorce support and counselling to keep you strong and give you that, much necessary inner strength to go through a very deeply hurting experience, without carrying any trauma.  Yet! You are helped to sort out clearly, if it’s the only path left. 

I went through some chronic health issues and they all dissolved one by one and made me from firm believer to reliever of the pain of others with utmost conviction. 

My sometime back health miracle; from not being able to get up without support, neither walk, to be able to perform “Padam Sadhana" for my daily dose of ‘Yog' make me really want to share the magic of therapy with you all. 
For Physical ailments not getting healed with the help of the best medical services one can explore it. 

De-addiction is possible if you want it. No, not your parents , not your spouse, not your friends ‘YOU’ my dear if ‘YOU’ want it can be gone for good.

I had trouble moving through crowded places felt energy drain, it was solved in just one NLP session. Had a chronic emotional discord with money had a deep negative imprints for it, Only to realise its roots in my childhood emotional deprivation. And finally start attracting it. So what are you waiting for - you are closest to the gateway of a New you and a New Life Come explore…… 

Everything is energy and can be healed.

Come I am calling you on a journey Which I have taken, and I am travelling still. Now, is your chance to experience it for yourself. 

Welcome aboard.....