What is Hypnotherapy?

I encounter this question often. Most People have this Image of somebody overpowering them with their eyes or someone put some object in front of their eyes. And Poof!!!!!! …. They don’t remember anything. SCARY yeah…….

Well, No this is Not Hypnotherapy,

"HYPNOTHERAPY” is very similar to the “GUIDED - MEDITATION”

Then, what is the difference or why anyone should come for Hypnotherapy?

  1. Its issue based guided meditation. Unlike the one we do otherwise.

  2. Here, we take a person with any issue in deep trance with the help of very tried and tested set of commands and there, we reach to the deepest state required. And then, we resolve that issue.

  3. In this state, your Therapist or guide is through out with you, and, bring you back to normal state safely and comfortably.

Now; during trance your awareness state is so high that you may hear sounds from far away, you smell better than conscious state. Overall its more expanded state and you are aware of everything.

Now, What are the areas or where can we use it:-

We can use it in any and every area still here is a list of some of them.:

Physical areas:

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  • Any ailment which is not responding to medication. Or re - occurs. Asthma is a very good example it has a record of 100% cure.

  • Obesity, Body image issues, ( read this month's journalHttp:// a Hypnotherapist has given his own testimony. He has regrown his own thumb nail by self hypnosis.) He is working on his hair regrowth now.....and here is the report Go check this issue for hair regrowth

  • Addictions

  • Sudden. bone or hard tissue growth in any unwanted region.

  • White spot removal (one client has come so far to me with hundred % result.

  • Tumers.

  • Pain reduction ( Very useful in last stage Cancer patient where they need care and proper life till the end). Tooth ache and other sorts of aches too but, they are more useful for Hypnotherapists since they know deep self hypnosis. These are only few to name.

Emotional issues:

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  • Fear and phobias

  • Relationship issues

  • Childhood trauma

  • Same negative patterns, either in work or life's particular area. It could be anything. Can be broken here. These are to name a few.

Mental Issues:

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  • Depression

  • Stress related issues

  • Anger management

  • Concentration,

  • Retention abilities.

  • 80 to100% Recall in examination. ( please understand it does not help without study) . One has to study if one wants to recall something.

  • Memory retention. Are to name a few.

Spiritual Hypnotherapy:

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  • Purpose. of life

  • Life Script Change